beer goggles.

Here’s the scenario:

Out with my friends and one of my guy friends finds some girl to try and holla at.   She accepts his drinks, flirts with him a little bit, and as the night winds down she finds herself dissing her friends to hang with us afterwards.   My girls and I stare her down, make her uncomfortable and just tell our homie to STOP.  The homie then calls us *dun dun dun*  a COCK BLOCK.

The very next morning, as he’s gettin’ on our case for cockblockin, I pull out my trusty lil Canon and bring up a pic that I snapped of her.  Yes, its of her whole face, her outfit, and her friends.  Ain’t no shame in my game.    All of a sudden, the girl who WAS lookin’ like Kim Karsashian last night, looks like Sasquach in her natural habitat in the light of day… and soberness.   And just like that, he breathes a sigh of relief and says, “GOOD LOOKIN’ OUT.”

Fellas, your girls aren’t just haters.  (Ok, some of us are)  But most of the time, we really do have your best interest in mind.   If we’re friends, it probably means we care a good deal about you and refuse to let you take home a mediocre catch.  Just like you were one of us, we will protect and serve till the wheels fall off.   Cockblocking is not a game, (altho it IS kinda funny sometimes) and if you need a lay then you NEED A LAY.  If you really wanna  bang Whoppi Goldberg, then to each his own…. who are we to stop you?    But please try n be a little more understanding when we’re just lookin’ out for your best interest, your sanity, and your ego. 

Still don’t believe me?   Look through my camera again…. Now aren’t you glad you didn’t wake up to that this morning?


  1. yoshi · March 29, 2010

    LMAOOOOO – omg you NEED to show me the pic!

  2. Sue · March 30, 2010

    I’ll toast to that! *cheers*

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