Electric Relaxation

March’s short story for Hellz was a fun one!    Check out parts 1, 2, and 4  on Hellz!  Stay tuned for April’s short story comin’ atcha tomorrow.  its  DOOZY and my favorite one to date.  =)  

Electric Relaxation – part 3.

Fuck.  This.  Shit.

I can’t take this shit.  This being ignored type shit.   I’m tired of being his “back door bitch.”  I want that come thru the front door, fuck him the daylight, hold hands down the street type shit.  That kiss me in the daytime when we go get ice cream type shit.  I want to leave my toothbrush at his house type shit.  I left my boyfriend for him, he needs to awknowledge me type shit.   I want that “not just a booty call” but a girl to call just to say hi type shit.

Cuz I don’t like this drunk texting type shit.  Or this “call you when I’m alone” type shit.  And this flirt with other girls then text me to come over type shit.   Then that leave in the morning before you go to work type shit.  And I especially hate this “Baby Baby Baby” not callin’ me by my name type shit.

Did i sign up for this type shit?  Did I set myself up for this type shit?

I’m calling bullshit.

He wants that shit, I’ma give him that shit.   That I-can-fuck-around-too-type-shit.    I can pretend like I don’t care type shit.   That he ain’t no thang type shit.


And I ain’t gonna fall for his godamn smirk shit, either.

I gotta admit tho….I kinda love that shit.

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