ya digg.

– ECSTATIC.  Just checked in for my flight to NYC.   New York, I’ll see you TOMORROW!  =) 

[p.s. that’s the lovely Vintage Vandalizm in this flick] 

– my new butt buddy…The Mat by Lululemon!    Yoga is serious bizness and it was time for me to retire my cheapy mat.    Bikram has turned a $10 mat in to a 65 inch slip n slide and I was starting to become very afraid that I would slip during Warrior / Triangle into a split and break my vagina.   Problem solved!  

– love this. 

– I don’t drink too often, but as of late, I’ve been sippin’ on a few “grown-up” drinks.   Moscato after dinner, and the following three of my favorite Japanese things:  Sparkling Sake, Lychee Sake, and Asahi.

– Oh, and if you’re in the San Diego area, come check me out on April 24 for the MAV Foundation Charity Fashion Show!    Showcasin’ Hellz, Made Jewelry and more, we’re raising funds to help see the day cancer dies.  Please Support!

Catch u guys when I get back from NY.   =)

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  1. doowaditty · April 8, 2010

    STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. i don’t even know why you’re going. lmao. remember to bring me back something a) cute (shoes), or b) edible (frozen hot chocolate), or c) both (a puerto rican) lmao. and no, not THAT one lol. but u can tell him the tulips were BEAUTIFUL. p.s. next time, u and q aren’t allowed to both leave. sanity shifts dammit, SANITY SHIFTS!!!

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