She’s not Raaachem.

I had the opportunity to meet one of my new favorite people, Kerin Rose while in NYC last week and she asked me a question that I always seem to get. 

Inquiring minds want to know, how did I get to be called Raaachem?

Before I answer, I’d like to refer you to a clip of my favorite show of all time. 

Season 2
The One With the List

No, my last name doesn’t start with an M.  No, it’s pronounced just like Rachel, just with an M at the end.  

“She’s not Rachem?  What the hell’s a Rachem?” 

In high school, while watching reruns of this episode with my friends, the name just kind of STUCK.   People I’ve known from way back when still call me Rachem to this day and it’s kind of still my email address.   When I started to actually take blogging seriously and created my own blog, was taken.   Since I didn’t want to change it too much, I just added a few extra “a”s and voila. 

Hope I’ve cleared that up for those of you who were wondering.  Apparently, the allusion wasn’t as apparent as I thought it was.  =)    Back soon with a recap of NY!

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  1. ashley · April 14, 2010

    i love friends!!!!

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