A few weeks ago while out with my friends I got this funny feeling.   I was standing at the bar with a drink in my hand people watching.   There was a girl with a crown on her head, yelling to the bartender to “Check my ID!  I’m 21 today!”.   There were also a group of guys taking shots of 151 at the bar who looked to be about eleventeen.   And as I was watching my little cousin and all her little friends pay cover to get in, it hit me.

I remember this scene exactly. I remember being that girl who just turned 21, or with my boys takin’ shots 15 seconds before a fight would break out.  I remember needing to wear shorts and heels on nights out, and standing in the entrance line in the freezing cold.  I remember seeing old bitches at the bar lookin’ down at me from their drinks as I ordered shots of 151. 

 I remember it all. Except that old snooty bitch at the bar who looks  borderline too old to even BE at the club is now ME.


This weekend happens to be my friend’s birthdays and I’m a lil apprehensive about going out.   Partly because I’m still jetlagged and exhausted from jetsetting, but mostly because I just feel too godamn old to be actin’ a fool on the weekends…  or, maybe just this weekend.    

I used to save being “belligerantly drunk” for special occasions such as birthdays, or promotions, or days when I didn’t have work (lol).  But as my network has grown it seems there’s something to celebrate EVERY weekend.  And while all those things are fine and dandy, I’d rather be sippin’ on a glass of moscato at home in my pajamas.  

I guess u could say that right now, I’m just.. over it.  So please don’t mind me if I’m lowkey.   

At least until I hit LA/SD next weekend.   =)

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