I am soooo over this Friday.  lol.  I’m ready to not be at work and enjoy this beautiful SF day.   To occupy ourselves, Hayati and I have been entertaining ourselves with the following conversation.

1.  urgh i have the biggest frontal wedgie right now ugh
1.  is there a word for that?
2.  yeah, its called CAMEL HOOF.
2. when its not even just the toe
2.  its the whole FUCKING HOOF.
2.  haaahahahahaha.
1.  i think i wore my underwear backwards
2.  is that why u have camel hoof?
1.  POSSIBLE.  i’m gonna check next time i go to the bathroom
1.  and ok, i just looked inside my tights, my underwear isn’t backwards, maybe i just need to buy bigger panties.

Just a day in the life of the 2 girls who will try and take over the world.   Dontcha love us?

P.s.  Just in case u need a visual.


  1. Anna · April 17, 2010


  2. doowaditty · April 17, 2010

    two words: CAMEL CURTAINS. must find that pic again.

  3. Eun Ji · April 17, 2010

    Wouldn’t it upset the pek pek w/knickers all bunched up like that?!? That’s just wrong!

  4. lifeonmyside · April 19, 2010

    o dude. that’s just so wrong.

  5. Name · May 19, 2011

    ur suchaa fag .

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