I rep.  HARD.


Hellz Spring 2010 Video Short!

Title: “Hellz hath no fury”

Directed by: LANIE & BAMSKI
Edited by: IKSMAB
Writer: Brittany Wood
Actress #1: Mink Jin
Actress #2: Alice Kallenius
Actress #3: Donovan
Photography by: Allen Chu
Music by: Marie La Foret

As Spring reaches it’s mid-point with the newly released “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!”, Hellz welcomes in a new kind of medium to the usual uniformity of a look-book, and creates a life like version of the strong feminine aesthetic Hellz is known for in the video short “Hellz Hath No fury”. The short film features the form flattering “Runaways” mesh bust dress, as well as a few other Hellz Spring favorites. “Hellz Hath No Fury” represents Hellz as a dominant individual taking charge, and standing tall in an industry that involves a heavy does of dog-eat-dog mentality and boundless confidence. ” Hellz Hath No Fury”, follow no one and never shy from your own future

About HELLZ:Hellz was born the brainchild of Lanie & Bam in the gritty streets of New York and let loose upon the world in 2005. Hellz aims to reintroduce strength, individuality, and sexual empowerment with a sassy, balls to the walls approach. Kill that cutesy, helpless damsel in distress noise; the bad girls, the bookworms, and divas alike are represented. To reflect a woman deeper than the hyper-feminine stereotype, Hellz calls to all women to confront conformity, tear down boundaries, and rewrite the rules. From the back alleys to the art galleries, the suburbs to Broadway…wake up, take charge, and let it be known, “LONG LIVE HELLZ!”



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