knock knock, its ME!

pictures coming soon from my recent LA/SD invasion but for now, hold urself over with the latest posts on HELLZ!



Last Friday, in preparation for the big Mav Foundation fashion show, your favorite “Say’s All What You’re thinking” blogger visited the office to not only pick up the plentiful bag of goodies from Hellz Summer 2010, but also made some time to chat it up and take some photos for the little blog we like to call: What The Hellz. Quite the visit I must add. Coles, clothes, and gossip…LOTS of gossip.

Besides a long list of people I have already on my list of ‘Favorites’ , Raaachem is definitely on that one. Never do I ever see a frown or a glare on her pixie like face, and she honestly is HILARIOUS! Gossip is never a good thing, but when ever I talk to Rach, it seems more like a compliment than anything else. “Girl! You need a hair cut.” “Girl! That dress is ugly!” Oooh Rach! You’re the cutest most nicest creature ever! I’d like to call this moment ‘ The Raaachem Experience’. Come back soon, Raaachem!

(btw, we ate HERE.  u should too)

One comment

  1. yoshi · April 28, 2010

    wtf – when did you go? where was i? lmao. oh right. i’ve been chained to my desk =(

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