Act a fool.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.   The women in my life are AMAZING.

They are beautiful, educated, independent and talented.    They are getting their masters degrees, becoming doctors, are amazing writers, and sing better than anyone on YouTube.   They handle 2 rowdy boys under the age of 6, make the most amazing chicken kelaguin, and still manage to pay mortgage by themselves.   They are the girls you’ve always want to befriend.  

And yet, despite all these amazing things, the women I know – myself included – never fail to act a fool.

I’m not talkin’ about pushing a girl at the bar and starting a fight over nothing.  I’m not talking about stealing a pair of sunglasses from the local department store.  And I’m not talking about flashing titties to a bathroom full of drunk strangers.  We know better than that. 

I’m talking about other things like starting a fight with our boyfriend for no godamn reason other than to do so.   Or spotting our crush at the club on a Thursday night and turning right back around and running to the bathroom.   Even making our way to a birthday party for the sole reason that we’re curious to check out a girl we don’t even know… only to get there and freak the fuck out.  

So we act like we’re in the fifth grade and give people nicknames like “My Nose Ate My Lip” and “Boots with the Fur”.  And instead of kissing our crushes we’re literally pushing and punching them.   Instead of replacing the asshole who just left us with another one,  we travel accross the border and find a cuddle buddy — to just CUDDLE with.  Whom we text on the dance floor all night instead of allowing a handsome and successful man fly us to LA.  Instead of busting out a lying douchebag  about his girlfriend, we take what they say (or don’t say) for face value and convince ourselves that its ok… cuz WE AIN’T MAD ATCHA.  And instead of letting our balls hang loose, we let them shrivel up into our vaginas.   Thats riiiiiiight,  we still have one of those. 

This is why I believe that God must be a man.   Despite all of this amazingness, He makes sure to keep our asses in check with a lil bit of foolishness.  And a heart.  And a monthly period.  It’s cool, God.  I ain’t mad atcha.

I ain’t mad at my girls either.   And since its quite entertaining, I suppose I’ll let you have a vagina for another five seconds.   After that, I’ll leave you all with something Hayati sent me.


  1. doowaditty · May 3, 2010

    SHUT UP. SHUT UP. SHUT UP. we need to set up shifts. ‘cuz i swear there should never be more than 1 of us bakla at a time. pibes wrongs don’ts makes a rights. i ain’t mad. just gay. but only for a little bit. and i mean a LITTLE BIT. lol. love u.

  2. Annna · May 5, 2010

    All the ladies say “hey”…


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