So. Um… WTF?!

So, this was TOTALLY  a drafted post that somehow made its way to “published” status.  I have NO IDEA HOW….   and I’m trippin the fuck out on how it got published, leaving it like THIS is kinda funny to0. so whatever.  i’m just leaving it.  lol.


We all do it.   We secretly (or not) pick other bitches apart.   She got the job we wanted?  Well she’s ugly anyway.    She’s dating the guy we like?   She looks fobby and we BET we give better road head.   She fits into the last size 2?   Well whatever, the thickHER the better to gripHER.  She used to bully us in highschool?   Some people grow up and other people grow fat.  It’s cool.

In the words of the infamous Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

No.   We can’t.

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