Truth or Share.

Damn Wale.  Just… DAMN.   

When does hope become desperation?
A lot of women tell themselves that they don’t want a relationship or “anything serious” so much — either because they’ve been hurt, or want the luxury of complaining about how f&*#ed up men are. Believe me, the luxury of being able to complain about something that is in fact true, is a blessing to negative people. And the very people who block their blessings often end up chasing them later. The line between hope and desperation probably gets blurry after college. In my opinion (from a social aspect) people go to college and live carefree.

Affection from the opposite sex is probably the most attainable at this time. That said, commitment isn’t always a priority — so most ni&&as is expendable. But after the show is over, the grades are in, the cap and gowns have been distributed, LIFE BEGINS. And just as the get-a-job faze hits like a ton of bricks, the get-a-significant-other can come just as hard. The fear of a loveless life; the uncertainty of living without passion can be a nightmare, but often a nightmare that is self-induced from years of simply not caring. Desperation leads to settling. – Wale

With passion, a simple touch can be more satisfying then bustin a insignificant nut.

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