How I Met Your (Other) Favorite Blogger Pt. 1

According to your other favorite blogger

I won’t lie. I knew of Sachel Man Frito even before she “befriended” me on MySpace. I remember browsing through random profiles and seeing a girl in a wedding dress (ooh I love young love!), realized that I knew the groom (so THIS was the wedding Brian was talking about), and then saw a picture of the newly married couple (awww like a Precious Moments cake topper … but brown). And then, I remembered how much of a BITCH she was when we first met and quickly x’d out her window.

Yah you heard me. First time I met Rachel, a gang of us were at a K-Ci and Jo-Jo concert. And when someone introduced us I smiled, said hello and she … just … looked at me and turned away. That’s it. FUCKING BITCH! Which is why I was surprised to see a friend request in my inbox later down the road from the bitch herself. I figured, “Why not. Now I’ll get to see more wedding pictures.” Little did I know, I’d get so much more.

So now it’s my turn to be a bitch. After perusing through her albums I still didn’t care too much for her (ugh, such a bitch). And although I was grateful that she suggested bikini websites I should visit in preparation for my trip to Puerto Rico, and admired the fact that she wasn’t shy to give out her AIM info and ask for mine, I still didn’t care. Yah she was gorg, and yah she had cute shoes – but that just about described 5 girls I already knew.

It wasn’t until we began AIMing each other that we became “acquaintances,” and it wasn’t until she sent me a brand spankin new purple vibrator that we became “friends,” and it wasn’t until I read her blog that I fell in love with her. Yes homo.

Wanna hear my side of the story?  Check it here and check back next week for Part 2!

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