Ballz to the Wall.

Last Saturday my friends and I participated in the 4th Annual Kick It Kickball Tourney and had a fuckin’ BLAST.

This was our third year playing and we made it all the way to the playoffs before being beaten by a team with no jerseys.   Yours truly made the game winning catch, my famous “Wassup Burgers” (cuz thats wassup!) were a hit, and we tailgated like CHAMPS.   I was a walking advertisement for Vita Coco coconut water and even when I skip yoga for kickball, please believe I’m still doing yoga on the field. 

Congrats to my white girl for doing her very first keg stand!   Congrats to Topper for crying like a lil gir bout his ribs, and congrats to Mair for being conscious for more than an hour!     

P.S.   I told y’all I made the game winning catch.  I got HANDS.    

P.P.S.  Missing from our team picture is our subs, SI and Vag.   Next time, get there on time.  lmao.  (Yeah, I got JOKES too) 


  1. ashley sade · June 24, 2010

    that looks hella fun! i wish my friends did shit like that lol 😦

    • Raaachem · June 24, 2010

      Ashley, next year, sign em up! i promise y’all will have an amazing time!

  2. doowaditty · June 24, 2010

    ok y cus got the BEST form though, like he bowling and shit lol

    • Raaachem · June 24, 2010

      cuz he was! u know cus is like Mr. 300 n shit and i swear these other teams got stumped by his pitching….. “that shit curves like a motherfucker” STRRIIIKKKEEE!

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