a whole lotta nothin’

writer’s block.

i’ve searched my brain inside and out for somethin’ substantital to put on paper.  i’m listenin’ to caldwell’s “open your eyes” as i sit outside on this gorgeous san francisco sunday.   my freshly painted fingers find their way to their desired letters on my macbook, and still… nothing.

i close my eyes and think about the past week’s happenings.. my life… hers..his..yours.  i think back to all the deep conversations that have been had over aim, coffee, and coconut water.  and even those funny moments, those moments where i laughed so hard i was gonna cry, shi shi in my pants, or snort… and still… nothing.

i watch adonis sing along to justin bieber’s “baby.” and remember how at yoga today, the tall dude next to me LAID ONE OUT during “wind removing pose.”  and yet, my mind and my fingers produce NOTHING.

sippin’ on some freshly juiced watermelon that’s more pulp than juice and the only thing that comes to mind is, “Gadamn this is a fucking beautiful day.”    and u know what, i can’t even be mad about it.

doin’ a whole lotta nothin while i’m feelin’ kinda Sunday.

be right back!

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