I love my friends.

Because they hit me with stories like THESE…    Girl, you just made me snort out loud, and then gave me a raging boner.   you are HILARIOUS.

A:  So yesterday was my turn to make dinner
I was working late so i just bought food near work at my fave restaurant.
Imagine me sitting at the bar waiting for my take out sippin on a tall glass of ice water (with lemon) and my bag on my lap. I was just reading emails on my blackberry and just chillin. Then moving my arm towards me spilling the whole, full glass of water on my chest, lap and into my bag. Seriously there was barely any water on the floor around me. Only the water that was dripping off me and out of my bag!!!!! When the bus boy saw that I spilled my water he rushed over to me with a couple of towels ready to wipe the floor but saw that it was completely dry, looked at me with a “hating it”I face and handed me the towels to wipe myself. I had all this ice in my bag! Ugh!! And it was dinner time rush hour in a beverly hills restaurant! EBARRASSING!!!! Then imagine me wet, driving home and just wearing panti on my bottom half. :/

A : Then when i got home, i had to run in the house with the jacket around my waist not really covering me all that well.
and my Ate goes “where’s our food?”
I just gave her a “REALLY?!?” face
threw on some new panties and dry pants and got the food in th etrunk.
The End.
Can’t imagine me driving like that?  Check your phone…

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