Jamaica, Jamaica

Jamaica, JAMAICA was amazing. amazing. amazing. AMAZING.

from not being able to get on the flight due to my passport (which had my maiden name on it) to a 10 hour flight, to jumping off cliffs and swimming in the rain, to hours of driving on the wrong side of the road, to the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. from butterflies showing up on command, to the best ocean water i’ve ever been in, to eating jerk and plantains all day, and almost being struck by lightning TWICE. from eating lobster on the beach, to jellyfish stings, climbing waterfalls, bobsledding in the rain, and Pure White Hennessey. from losing passports, to finding passports, to being harassed by, offered herb by, and then proposed to by the locals.  It was more than I ever imagined.

Jamaica, “I had the time of my life.  And I owe it all to you.”


  1. Minna · July 12, 2010

    Ooh my goodness, WHERE did you ladies go!? Details please!

  2. Minna · July 12, 2010

    *by where I mean where in Jamaica hahah. just verifying 😛

    • Raaachem · July 12, 2010

      lol Minna, yeah, I got that. Lets seee…
      We flew into Montego Bay. Stayed about an hour n a half away in Negril. Right on the cliffs, next to Rick’s Cafe at this resort called Catcha Falling Star. AMAZING.

      Hit 7 mile beach, ate at Bourbon Beach, which boasts the best jerk chicken EVER! IN LIFE!

      did a day trip to Ocho Rios. Bobsledded and tried to Zipline at Mystic Mountain, until the thunder, lightning, and rain shut the whole place down. still went to Dunns River Park and climbed the waterfall though.. in the rain.. which was the best experience of my life.

      =) i want to be back. RIGHT NOW.

  3. dudePAASSIN BY · July 13, 2010

    Would one of you beautiful girls go to my prom with me?

    Did you see the guy jump off the tall cliff!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. linh · July 13, 2010


    i love watching the sun set and people jumping off the 30+ ft cliff at rick’s cafe. aghhh, now jamaica and its blue clear water and soft white sand are calling my name!!!!

  5. doowaditty · July 21, 2010

    this by far, is the most STUPID post you’ve ever written lmao. *le sigh* yah i’m J for Jamaica. Beer can beer can!

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