Skinny Bitch

To all my friends, I apologize.  I’ve been lightweight crazy lately because of my weight.   All this yoga and gym time have equaled less “getting skinny” and more “gaining muscle.” and really…. I’m like, freakishly strong and I think I’m starting to look like a linebacker. 

The number on the scale has succeeded in messin with my head, regardless of the fact that the one dress that never fit right actually kinda does now.  And my thighs?  GOOD FUCKING GOD MY THIGHS.  They’re thunderous.  If you listen close, you can actually HEAR the war drums banging in the distance when I walk.

I know, I’m doing good things for myself by staying active.  I know, muscle is better and weighs more than fat.  I know, I’d rather be curvy than stick thin.  I know this.  But I also know that I’m allowed to have crazy moments and stupid obsessions and right now, this is one of them. 

So until that day when my legs are smaller than that guy next to me at yoga, or my waist actually fits into the size 26 pants that I’ve had since high school, or until the day I suck it the fuck up and get on with my life — bear with me.  And in all probability the latter will happen first but until THAT DAY, I will continue to read Skinny Bitch, drink Skinny Water, and pretend that I’m a Vegetarian every other Sunday.   

Or maybe I should just hit the 49er training camp.  I hear they’re lookin’ for new talent. 

Either way, Lord help me if the day ever comes when I actually look like this:

Ha.  This FatBooth app on the iPhone is COMEDY.


  1. Feebs · July 14, 2010

    bahahah aint that the truth! my friends and i had a field day with FatBooth.

  2. DIGGz · July 14, 2010


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