Fight Club.

Manny Pacquiao is my hero.  He small ‘lil Asian dude with a lot of heart and a LOT of fight in him.    Looking at him you wouldn’t think he’s anything, but slap some gloves on that fob and be prepared to SAY SOMETHIN…from the floor. 

Something about watching fights (boxing and MMA) gives me a raging boner. And watching movies like the Karate Kid makes me wish I never stopped taking Muay Thai.   However, the thought of ruining THIS pretty face reminds me of why I stopped in the first place.  That, and, my bf at the time made me. lol.     Although I like watching fights, the thought of actually being in one isn’t appealing. 

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a 27 year old woman who’s never been into a fist fight.  Ever. 

I cringe at the thought of ever being punched in the face and growing up in the ‘burbs and attending private school my whole life (an all girls school at that) hasn’t really given me the opportunity to knock somebody’s lights out.   Brains over brawn and I’ll hand you your ass in a battle of wit and words ANY DAY.  

The only girl I ever thought about fighting forreal was my ex boyfriend’s sister.   Even though she totally woulda beat my ass with her third degree Tae Kwon Do ass, I woulda went toe to toe with her in a heartbeat.  You don’t fuck with my heart and she fucked with it in the worst kinda way.   But, I digress.

Fighting is for the birds, for the young, and for the walking testosterone.  It is also for mothers.   I have never wanted to punch a stranger in the face so much until this stupid bitch on the street made Adonis cry.   It took every ounce of strength in my body to not pounce on her like a hyena with mad cow disease.    The natural instinct to protect my offspring came over me and I went from “nice mom” to “scowling psycho bitch” in 0.00005 seconds.  It’s like the Manny Pacquiao Kababayan blood in me came out and I was jonesin’ for some blood.    

Lesson of the day:  Say somethin’ bout my baby boy and I’d gladly jump myself into the Fight Club in a heartbeat.  You don’t fuck with my heart.  Say somethin!   I fucking dare you.


  1. Yesi Jukebox · July 20, 2010

    “Fighting is for the birds, for the young, and for the walking testosterone” I completely agree!

  2. EYE · July 21, 2010

    okay first and foremost, let me admit that i’ve been a boss bizness fan for a while now…and i am officially popping my (comment) cherry as we speak…errr, write!

    this post was just ON f*ckin POINT that i had to snap my fingers in a z-formation and say OK?! i’ve never been in a fight either and i’m a grown azz 27 yr-old pin@y myself! LOL. ok. end of story. just thought it was hilario how we relate, and i love how you’d pounce on any beezy to protect your young. now THAT ladies and gents is true mama bear love! =*)

    • Raaachem · July 23, 2010

      Eye! Thanks for showing comment love =) and uhhh, YEAH!!! gotta protect the fruits of my loin, feel me? lol.

  3. Michelle · July 24, 2010

    ohyup! never been in a fight either, surprisingly, because people do say i give off that “bitch” vibe, whatever that is. lol. but without a doubt i would see another part of me i didnt know i had if someone were to do something to my son. i get irritated as hell when people don’t know where the hell they’re walking and walk right into my son’s way. oh helllll! hahah, kudos on the post.

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