We vs. Them. Me vs. Him

I’m not much of a reblogger.   But I just HAD TO.

They just leave. They always leave. Without any trace, without any explanation. & in turn, we make all of these silly excuses for them. Maybe they’re just too busy. Maybe they’re going through too much to make any kind of commitment. Maybe it’s just part of their nature… that they’re all like this. They lie. They cheat. They need excitement all of the time because the chase is all they ever really wanted & they’re just too easily attracted to the things that catch their eyes so they move on without any regret or second thought. We instill these thoughts into our minds because anger is the only way to get over them. Yet, we research them, observe their every move, look for any kind of sign that maybe, just maybe they’ve had a single thought of us & if we’re lucky, they’ll come back.

But more than anything we do all of these things because our biggest fear is that we were never good enough & that there was nothing we could do to fulfill the things that they wanted. It was our nature, it was my nature, not theirs… to be left behind.

I can’t wait for the day one of them proves me wrong.

One comment

  1. doowaditty · August 2, 2010

    fuck Easter.

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