1. Yesi Jukebox · August 11, 2010

    Can you post up some more local Cali songs? Or give us a good list of what’s hot out there..I’m from NYC and everything on the radio out here pisses me off lol


    • Raaachem · August 12, 2010

      Yesi, I kind of HATE the radio. I’m an old school hip-hop junkie but my favorites at the moment have to be Miguel – All I want is you, Aston Martin music, this jackson 5 remix, and um…..
      shit. I wish Imeem was still around so i could send u a playlist!

  2. Yesi Jukebox · August 12, 2010

    Good, then I ain’t the only one hatin! I heard “All I Want Is You” on Abi’s blog and it’s one of my faves too =-) I appreciate the help!

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