mad at the world.

i’m mad at the word.  or maybe, more accurately.. mad at myself.

I dont wanna sit here and complain about how much shit i have on my plate when the truth of the matter is, i accepted each challenge i’m facing.  i signed my name on the dotted line.  i knew exactly what i had it in for.  

i’m mad cuz i’m not as fit as i’d like to be and i now have to fucking DIET.  yes, ladies and gents, my hungry ass is dieting.   i just scarfed down an Eating Right Chicken Enchilada (6g of fat, 330 calories) and i’m STILL hungrier than a somalian child.   FML.    i’m mad cuz i’ve lost my creativity and my mojo to write.   i’m mad cuz i’m moving out and even madder that its not into a home that i own.  i’m just.. mad. lol.  maybe its just one of those days.

to hold you over, read part 2 of this month’s short story on Hellz!  (and part 1 if u missed it)

oh and watch this.   because this vid always cheers me up when i watch it (even tho its sideways and retarded. lmao)

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  1. TrinaMonica · August 12, 2010


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