I live for the nights I’ll never remember, with the people I’ll never forget.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been uber busy as of late.  I’ve been moving from my current house to another and the move has got me all stressed out.  

Going through an entire house full of the last 4 years of my shit really brought me back.   I never realized how much useless shit I keep in the house.   Seriously?  A milkshake maker?   Space Bags?   3 broken vaccuums?   Clothes / shoes / accessories from 1998?   I have wedding gifts I STILL haven’t opened (leave it up to me to actually register for that damn millkshake maker) and baby clothes that were never put to use.  Endless apparel with tags still on them that unfortunately, are no longer in style, and SHOES. FOR. DAYS.

Yesterday, there was a little get together BBQ at my house.  A “house colding” – if you will.  U know, the opposite of a house warming?   Anyway, seeing my friends and family gather ’round in an empty house almost brought me to tears.    Countless memories have been made in my living room, in my kitchen, and in my backyard  —  it’s where I won our first ever Rockband Contest (I KILL on the drums, boy!) and had my first shot ever of Jameson/Ciroc/Chambord.   It’s where I spent my 25th birthday, pregnant.   It’s where 100 of my closest friends and family sat on the floor to watch Pacquiao fights , ABDC Finales, and bootleg movies.   It’s where I cried over Mateo.    It’s where Adonis took his first steps, said his first words, and danced his first dance.   It’s where, every Friday for a year and half straight, my friends gathered to just be together while we laughed and drank and ate.   It’s where every Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween have been spent.  Its where I find my friends in the morning, passed out on my couches, evidence from yet another amazing night.  

Remember when we had that heart to heart over homemade panini’s?   Or when I invited you guys over so I could use my new grill pan?   Remember when I cooked all day for his birthday and you called it the “National Awesome Food Day?”   Remember when we all stripped down to our panties to weigh ourselves for our Biggest Loser Contest?     Or how about when she showed up to Halloween as a Ninja Turtle?    I’ll never forget the time I tried to learn how to DJ on those damn turntables while you guys played beer pong outside.    You were there when we did girls night in at the house, weren’t you?   And didn’t you take one too many chocolate cake shots with me?  

If home is where the heart is, then this was definitely that.  And as I’m packing up the very last of my things and turning off the lights for the very last time, I will always remember this place.   Because no matter how many tears have been shed and fights have been had and bullshit has gone on within these walls, all of the above outweighs all of that.  Period.  

Time to find a new place to boogie.


  1. katso · August 30, 2010

    I think those damn chocolate cake shots are gross. Its got my sukabarometer redlining just thinking about it. Patron Cafe is soooo much better. Miss you, Raaaachem!

  2. doowaditty · August 31, 2010

    damn bitch this almost made ME cry and i’ve spent the least time at ur house. so grateful for the time i did get though … especially in your bathroom. *sigh* yes, i am one of those people you found on your couch in the morning lol .. 1 too many times.

  3. anna · August 31, 2010

    i swear it tickles my fancy everytime i make it into your blog. you never run out of ways of making people feel special. Thank you and I’ll miss the Boogie Brito Bahay.

  4. hiiamjanine · August 31, 2010

    Seriously, FRIENDS’s last episode just played in my head while reading this. Kudos to a heart-warming post (=

  5. DIGGz · September 9, 2010

    no its just dirt in my eye, im good. snifff*

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