The Roof is on Fire.

At 6:15 pm yesterday a gas line exploded in the city of San Bruno — 5 minutes from my house — clearing a neighborhood that I’ve come to know like the back of my hand.  The flames were so monstrous, you could see them over the hills.    I received a call from Mike at about 7,  telling me about how he had just helped our good friend’s Dad gather what he could before the fire consumed his home…within minutes, it burned to the ground.   I watched the news and then looked outside my window – its the same picture; HELL ON EARTH.   

This shit hits too close to home.   Actually, this shit hit her home, and his home, and theirs.  He lost his wife, and she doesn’t know where her father is.   My old elementary school, Church of the Highlands,  has now become shelter for displaced San Bruno residents and all I keep thinking is, “It coulda been us.” 

Please help the city of San Bruno pull through this tragedy.   Blood Centers of the Pacific need donations, specifically Type O negative blood.  Blankets, food, and water are being collected for those who have lost their home.  They can be dropped off at the Red Cross Evacuation Center which has been set up at Bay Hill Shopping Center.   If you are mising a loved one, you can call the San Bruno Emergency Hotline at 650-616-7180. 

Please keep our friends, family, and neighbors in your prayers.  If you woke up in your own bed this morning, remember that you are blessed.


  1. ashley sade · September 10, 2010

    This seriously breaks my heart that something like this happened in the bay area. I got like 6-7 garbage bags full of clothes/shoes & I gonna donate blood – making a trip to san bruno this weekend ❤

  2. Mayka · September 11, 2010

    Thought about you. Glad you’re okay. I think I’ll be rounding up extra clothes this week to take over to SB.

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