Call me. No, really.

A good friend asked me the other day if the girl he was crushing on was just not talkative over text.   When I asked him why, he said it was because their text conversations go stale once in awhile.

Here’s some news for you, buddy.  Text conversations are always stale.  PERIOD.

Don’t believe me?  How many times have you sat there, staring at your phone, trying to decipher if a text has a sarcastic tone or not.   How often is one of those “LOL” replies been just a pity laugh?  How often have you written a funny and witty text, only to delete it and start over?  And when was the last time you found an emoticon that expressed how you REALLY felt? 

In a day and age where aim, text, Twitter and Facebook are the more preferred ways of communication, things get lost in translation.  Because regardless of how you may write something, someone else may read it in an entirely different context.  Something about an actual voice to voice conversation that may seem nostalgic and (eeek!) ancient, also does the one thing that text, via all mediums, cannot — EMOTE.  

Ten times out of ten, I would much rather have easy conversation than text something ridiculously witty, only to wait 17 minutes for your “Lol.”   Think you’re pretty funny?  Think you guys have good chemistry?   Only a real conversation can test that.  I promise.

Comedians have always had it right — it’s ALL IN THE DELIVERY.   It’s in your tone, and the volume of your voice.  It’s in the timing, and the expression.  And no “LOL” can fully express a deep, genuine, hearty, from the diaphragm laugh (snort included).

So text her, “Hi.”  Text her if she’s still down to see a movie with you later.   But tomorrow, when you’ve finished dinner and feel like having an actual conversation with her about your childhood, call her.  No, really.   =P

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