Late pass, I know. But here goes!  Everytime we’re in Hawaii, we don’t really do much shopping.   Bout the only thing we bring back home is food (Wal-Mart / Don Quixote) and I can count on one hand the list of stores we NEED to hit up:  In4mation, Kicks, Fitted, and now, Crooks. 

As you know, my girls and I were on the rock during Labor Day Weekend, and it just so happened that Crooks & Castles opened their brand new Waikiki location the same weekend.   We hit the after party Friday night at Ginza (reppin Hellz, of course) and hit the storefront.   I think its safe to say that they didn’t know what to do with us. 

Check the rest after the jump.

So what happens when 6 females are the only customers in the store?   They tear shit up!  And that’s exactly what we did.  When it came down to ringing us up, Alex brought us back to the 80’s.   

Wait for it.

Wait for it.


It’s all good.  Hawaii’s 3 hours behind, remember?

Right on for the Aloha, Alex!

P.S.  Someone go to Fitted and tell Sea Bass (aka Bobby Filipino) we lovin’ him for keepin’ it BAY in the 808. 

P.P.S.  Y’all got that SF Rasta in my size yet or WHAT?! 


  1. ashley sade · September 22, 2010

    i love that five star bitch jacket ure rockin!

    • Raaachem · September 22, 2010

      Ash, that’s my girl Q! =)

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