fuck it.

life is one big road with lots of signs. so when youre riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. wake up and live! –bob marley

“having numerous forks in the road with complaints, concerns, catch-22’s, and contradictions make every single thought impossible to communicate and every emotion equally tough to translate. compassion and desire only takes you so far. go one way, objectives automatically make you heartless. the other, well, you would just be lying to yourself. why pretend or assume you have all the answers? because most of the time you don’t. that’s the stressful part, with stress as an obvious understatement. obviously roads are going to cross and that intersection gives you choices which lead to tons more to the eventual laughs and smiles opposite the suicidal tendencies. choose wisely man, because fuck the latter. screaming internally can only take you so far. far enough to forget briefly, but close enough to remember completely. the distance is never walkable, that would be too easy, nor is it ever a distance you can ever run from or to. how often do bad choices resemble good ones or good ones resemble bad ones? c oming from one human to all the rest, i ask nicely…fuck the ultimatums.

all im saying is, grab an alcoholic beverage and drug of choice, chug it down, and do whatever makes your insides say ‘fuck it.'”

One comment

  1. krisYEE · October 27, 2008

    i think that’s the mentality we need towards our SWFs…”FUCK IT!” lol

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