Eat, Pray, Love yourself again.

No, seriously.  

My life is changing before my eyes, it’s kind of ridiculous.    As I’m dealing with Saturn’s Return (can I just say, FUCK this hippie astrology shit) I’m learning more and more about myself and realizing… I never really knew myself at all.

Which is fine.   I’ve been told that my 20’s are for discovering who I am and who I’m not.  It’s for finding out what I like and what I won’t compromise for. It’s for mistakes.   But am I the only one who seems to be having the MOST issues with this discovery process?

Either way, I vow to do the following things until I find myself or I turn 30.  Whichever comes first.

Surprise, surprise.   Food makes me happy and real talk, is the gateway between me and my life.  If I want to change shit up, I’ll go somewhere new or try a new dish.  I have YET to find a place that didn’t disappoint my pallette.   I’m trying to eat my way through San Francisco…  holla! 

Pray:  I’m a horrible practicing Catholic.  But I talk to God everyday.   When I get up in the morning, I thank Him.  When I’m looking at my Son, I’m blessed.  When I’m practicing yoga, I reflect. God talks to me all the time, I just have to stop and listen.  Prayer is what you make it, I believe that.  

Love myself again:  Not that I don’t already, I’m just…..  I don’t know.  Lost.   I’ll get there, in due time.   I loved who I was, I love who I am, and I love who I am becoming.   I think I just need to stop pushing my needs to the backburner.   I’m ride or die, I need to show ME that. 

Like I said, I’ll get there.  Till then, I’ll be hanging on to the last of my 20’s with a kung fu death grip.   CARPE THE MUTHAFUCKIN’ DIEM.

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