The grass is always greener.  Or so they say.  
The single girls are enjoying not having any rules.  Hitting on every hot guy within a 3 mile radius.   Coming home at 4 pm the next morning (spending the entire day in her walk of shame clothes)  and not having to worry about who’s waiting for her.  But sometimes, single girls miss the comfort of doing nothing with someone special.  Of coming home to someone who is waiting for her.  Of not having to sleep alone at night.
The taken girls are enjoying being in a relationship.  Blockbuster nights in and cooking dinner for two.  Always having someone to go on vacation with and a designated driver.   Sometimes though, this girl misses not having to check in when she’s out with her girlfriends.   She misses just being able to get up and go.   She misses her privacy and her alone time.
I’d like to talk about the latter girl for just a second.  Because sometimes things get complicated.  All of a sudden she misses her privacy more and more.  Being in a relationship isn’t what it was cracked up to be and things eventually fall apart.  But have you ever stopped to think that maybe, it’s not about how she missed the single life.   Hell, she doesn’t miss being single at all. 
She just simply misses being happy with you.
I’m just… sayin’. 

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