Let’s get Lifted

“Sometimes you gotta jump if u wanna get lifted.”

Following my own advice has proven harder than I thought. Taking big risks and letting go was not taught to me in my “play it safe, walk the middle of the road” upbringing.

But where has the middle of the road taken me? To a job I loathe and a career path to nowhere. I did what I thought I should and now I am where I don’t wanna be… STUCK.

Between a rock and a hard place. Between a good paycheck and a job that feels like just that.. A job. “They” say if you do what you love, you will never have to “work” again. I’m thinking more and more that “they” got it right on the money– even if it means actually having no money.

My girl Tee, who lives and breathes in her passion always says , “Yes, I’m kinda broke. But I wake up happy. Do you?”

No, I don’t.  As a matter of fact, I wake up everyday and debate calling in sick.  I get anxiety on Sundays as 7:00 am on Monday morning draws near. 

Bullshit is NOT an obligation.”  Right? Right. 

With that said, I now realize my priorities need to change. Five years later, I think I finally have the balls to do what I was too afraid to– bounce. Money doesn’t buy you happiness…. Amen, hallelujah, hollaback.

So here I go, on my journey to FUNemployment.  I have a plan…. Step one is to JUMP.

Let’s get lifted.


  1. bachelorettefiles · October 18, 2010

    I was also at a job that I thought would take me places but instead had me sitting behind a desk 40+ hours a week. It was NOT doing something I loved, it was doing something I only thought I should do, given the focus of my undergraduate studies.

    After a year of dreading each morning, suffering through the meat of the day, and coming home with work on my mind only to return to the same routine the next day, I had to bounce. So I did. Like last month.

    It was one of the best/most important decisions I have ever made in my whole life. Even though I’m currently without a stable paycheck, I find so much fulfillment in being able to spend more time with my family & friends, laying out in the sun, and doing a million other things that make me happy.

    I hope that you stick with your commitment to better your career/life. You are so very talented and passionate that I’m sure you’ll be making strides elsewhere in no time.

    ❤ eL

    • Raaachem · October 18, 2010

      El. This was exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank you!

  2. Yesi Jukebox · October 18, 2010

    I admire you so much for writing this post. I am exactly at the before point – the job you hate with the decent paycheck. Lost and not really knowing what my path is. Knowing i’m not the only one, definitely gives me hope that I will find what I want to do someday and be happy doing it. Thank you.

    • Raaachem · October 18, 2010

      Yesi, it took me almost 5 years to get to this point. Thats 5 years too long! You definitely are not the only one and I hope that you find what it is you’re looking for sooner than later. ❤

      • Yesi Jukebox · October 19, 2010

        Thank you very much. Good luck with all your endeavors, I look forward to reading good things =-)

  3. sue · October 19, 2010

    After reading your post, I thought this video of my sister and her business partner. They “are amazed that (they) can call what they do ‘work’ because they love it so much.” Enjoy the leap of faith 😉

    PS – I’m jealous!

    • Raaachem · October 19, 2010

      Sue, u know, i was totally watching this vid this morning? WEIRD!!! =)

      • sue · October 19, 2010

        I totally admire you. *cheers* to new beginnings!

  4. Michelle · October 19, 2010

    i’ve been dreaming of jumping for the past 4 1/2 years. it will be a dream come true to peace out of my current job. this post hit the spot today Rach! look forward to hearing your new ventures 🙂

  5. Kay · October 26, 2010

    This really hits home for me. I been in a job for 5 years that is definitely not my calling, and has been draining the life out of me. I do it for the money. The worst thing is, it pays well so it’s very hard for me to leave it. I admit. And also I’m not totally sure what I want as my “new career.” I know I have too much fear. I need more courage. And your words inspire me, even just knowing I’m not alone in this. Thanks and good luck to you!

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