“I got a whole lot of happy.”

“I got a whole lot of happy.” 

These are the words uttered by a 31 year old man from the Dominican Republic after pulling through for his team in the clutch.   Known to the world as Juan Uribe… known to Giant’s fans as Magic Juan. 

Unless you follow me on Twitter, you haven’t heard much from me about my Giants.  I figured I’d let Abi do all the talking, since  you know, she does A LOT of it.

**Hold.  Hold the fuck on.  My coworker just told me that a girl in my department had 2 tickets for last night’s game that she couldn’t sell.  She woulda called me but SHE DIDN’T HAVE MY NUMBER.  God hates me.  I’m convinced.   And continue…**

From the FOX to ESPN, my Giants were ruled out of the running.  I mean, they don’t call AT&T Park the Torture Chamber for nothin’.    Even though our pitching is outstanding, we were no where near “World Series ready.”  Fast forward to right now, when we’re one win away from going to the World Series. 

Shhhhh.  Did you hear that?  That was the sound of FOX and ESPN eating their words as they jump the Giant’s bandwagon.  

You see that pic up there?  Huff Daddy, Ross the Boss (who is the muthafuckin’ SLEEPER of the year), and Big Booty Torres look a whole lot of happy.  Me and my entire city are too. 

Never underestimate the underdog.   WE ARE GIANT.

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