“Life is grand — no, its GIANT.” – Abi

 I remember exactly where I was in 1989 when the Bay Bridge Series was interrupted by The Earthquake.   I remember exactly where I was in 2002 when we blew a 5 run lead.  And I will always remember where I was when my SF Giants won the World Series.

I spent last night glued to a seat at 330 Ritch Street, 2 blocks away from 3rd and King aka AT&T Park.  With KNBR in my ear (HATE FOX commentators) we knew what was happening 15 seconds ahead of the live video feed that was streaming over the 12 big screens on the walls.  Upon raping the open bar, spilling 4 beers, and eating 3 orders of fried chicken, we watched Brian Wilson record the final out of the season.

I heard my entire city scream.

After spilling out into the street, hi-fiving every stranger within an arm’s reach, getting showered with champagne, crying my eyeliner off and losing my voice in the process… it still feels like a dream.  And  I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow for the parade.  =) 

Lets go GIANTS!  *clap clap clapclapclap*

One comment

  1. NBF · November 2, 2010

    Happy for you guys! BEST.FEELING.IN.THE.WORLD.

    Your Giants and my Lakers winning championships in the same year. WE ARE SO FRIENDS! Lol

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