Oh lord, Halloween.

It’s a day when girls have an excuse to wear nothing and call it a costume.  Just google adult costumes and see for yourself, there is more skin than fabric on any given “costume.”  Halloween is sexy, its fun, and it’s a downright good time.   I’ve never been one to parade around in my panties in public (mostly because I’ve never been skinny either) but I’m not gonna lie… sometimes I just wish I could.

Some girls take it to a whole ‘nother level though.  Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Yes, you are fucking fly.  But you cannot walk around in a bra, panty, and heels, (albeit some cougar spots painted on ur skin), call yourself a cougar, and then expect not to get the wrong kind of attention.

You cannot get mad when a guy walks by you and growls.  You cannot get mad when young boys try to holla.   Bitch, you’re dressed as a naked COUGAR.  Really?! 

I’m not saying dressing skimpy warrants being disrespected.  No woman should be disrespected by a man, regardless of what she wears.  Period. Point Blank.    But you can’t be surprised at the oogly eyes when you’re not leaving much to the imagination.   You’re sexy.  If you didn’t think so, you wouldn’t dare put that get-up on.   Own it, and everything that comes along with it. 

I ain’t mad at you.   In fact, more props to you cuz I’d rather eat a donut than go to your gym.  But please, keep the complaining to a minimum.  It’s ruining your costume. 

“Just because I’m dressed this way does NOT make me a whore!  True, but you ARE wearing a whore’s uniform.”  – Dave Chapelle.


  1. Ralphie · November 4, 2010

    Love, love, love…reading your blog is like necessary for me. You never fail to make me say, *damn it, she’s right!*

  2. doowaditty · November 5, 2010

    LMAO. i really thought u were kidding.

  3. Justine · November 5, 2010

    haha this is so true and so sad. it seems like every “normal” costume just means a few accessories and lots of skin like you said. love the chapelle quote!

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