Off the Grid = Off the Hook

Last night, instead of yoga’ing or hitting the gym after work, I decided to extend the gluttony for one more day.  (All this Giant’s celebrating and game watching has been detrimental to my practice.  Next week, crunch time.)

Sissie and I hit Upper Haight for the Thursday Night edition of SF’s Off The Grid.  It was still early and we got to beat the after work rush.  Although, we were still too late for Curry Up Now’s samosas.   Fail.

We DID get to eat the following:

Senor Sisig:

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Senor Sisig, but have yet to try them.   Imagine my excitement to find out they were there, and had no line.  As I’m scoping out the menu, this guy greets me by name.  Turns out my old time friend Gil is Mr. Senor Sisig himself!   He hooked me up with 2 sisig tacos (one pork and one tofu) and MAN that shit was as good as advertised.  Right on, homie!

Chairman Bao

At my last visit to the Fort Mason Off The Grid, the line for the Bun Truck wrapped around the corner.  Plus, they were out of duck!   This time, I made sure it was the first thing I ordered.   You’re lookin’ at the new loves of my life.   Duck Confit Bun with Mango salad and Pork Belly Bun with pickled Daikon.   How do they make this shitso good?  Oh I know….  ancient Chinese secret. 

Hapa SF

I am REALLY picky about my Filipino food. Why? Because no one cooks as well as my (insert family member here).   I have to admit though, Hapa SF’s organic take on traditional favorites are good.   Free range chicken adobo?  With the option of brown rice?  Adobo Banh Mi?   Wowowee, home cookin’ is gettin’ fancy.


Oh the perfect way to end the day. At $3 per cupcake, they were a little pricey, but I’m used to paying just as much at other boutique bakeries.  You’re lookin’ at a perfect Salted Caramel Cupcake and a S’More cupcake, complete with graham cracker crust.   That one was my favorite, I ended up buying 3 more.  

Off The Grid will be doing lunch today at Civic Center, and tonight at Fort Mason.  If you haven’t had a chance to roll through, I suggest you do so.  Bring your friends, your wallet, and an empty stomach

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