Eat, Drink, and be Merry.

Two of my best gals turned the big 3-0 and I spent the weekend with them celebrating life.   I love these girls, and its no wonder because they’re both Scorpios — I don’t DO timid.  

We celebrated their milestones with good food, good drinks, and good company in The City and down in the Napa Valley.   Next week we see Bruno Mars, courtesy of yours truly.  

To my BFF and my Sissie — If you teach me how to make 30 look so good, I’ll teach you how to dougie.  =)  Hope the rest of you had as good a week as I did. 

P.S. All this post-season partying has been detrimental to my fitness.  My jeans told me this weekend they hate me.  Back on my grind TODAY!

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