Groove with me.

I hope he’s your Good Karma too.  Because you deserve nothing better than what he can give.  I should know…  I think I helped you pick out asshole #1, and watched you pick asshole #2.  But I’m here to promise NO MORE OF THAT.  NO MORE.

Because he thinks you’re kind of smoking hot.  And you think he’s kind of devastatingly handsome (or is that just me? lol).   And breakfast for dessert with a side of Sade tickets will suffice for a first date, won’t it?  

So what if you’re a little bit of a social retard?  So what if he doesn’t even care?  So what if you’re too scared and so what if he’s still down with you in spite of you?  So what if you think he’s hilarious?  And so what if he thinks you’re thick in all the right places?  So the fuck what?

Just press play, and groove with me.   “You give me butterflies.” 

One comment

  1. doowaditty · November 15, 2010

    i thought u were talking about me at first … until you put “socially retarded,” cuz i am SOOOOOO not that *runs and hides under the table at the sight of a cute boy* lol

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