It’s my prerogative.

I once heard you tell me that you wanted those Sam Edelman shoes for your birthday.  And then I heard you change your mind about it, and switched it up to that one ridiculously expensive dress.   I overheard you tell your sister that you wanted to take the kids to the Zoo, and then decide that shopping for their first day of school was more important.  And then I heard you recount the story of how you got everything you always wanted in life, only to realize it really wasn’t what you wanted.

And that’s fine.  Because you have every right to simply change your mind.  It’s your prerogative to do what tickles your fancy, even if, five minutes ago, you fancied something else entirely.

So if you tell me that you want coffee ice cream instead of the cookies and cream I JUST got you, thats ok.  If you tell me that yesterday you wanted that guy to kiss you…until he did.  I get it.  I’ll support you 100% if you land your dream job and it turns out to be a nightmare.  Hey, thats the way life goes.

And I won’t even be mad if you wait to tell me about the coffee ice cream until after I get home from the store.  I won’t say anything if that guy you change your mind about is your baby daddy…  Or, if that dream job doesn’t turn into a nightmare until after 5 years, 2 promotions, and 7 raises.  It’s cool.

Its your prerogative to let go of something that no longer makes you happy.  If you want to make it someone else’s dream, I am all for it.  I only ask that you show me the same respect.  Because you know what?  It’s MY prerogative, too.

One comment

  1. Toryona · December 3, 2010

    I dn’t exactly remember how I found this blog but I am a very *happy I did. It’s inspiring to see you, you son, both of ’em, (deliciously adorable), for you to share your life, the twists the turns, the LOVE stories, i need all of it, I need you to keep rattling my heart, i need you to continue the slide show of you life, cuz’ it helps when I need to cope w/ mine. Thank you, your honesty, humor, and overall love for life is ‘preciated. I wish you many blessings, XO

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