Oh Na Na.

I’ve been neglecting to share with you all my Hellz short stories and I’m sorry!   Here’s an excerpt from part one of December’s Story, which went up yesterday.  Check back every Thursday for the rest!

Click here to read the full article.

It’s just that…. you made rules for yourself.  Rules like never letting anyone in again.  Ever.  Rules that state to always be your own woman, instead of a man’s woman.  Rules that say to never let a man’s kiss fool you.   Rules that forbid feelings and built walls instead of bridges.  Rules that you made after learning a few things from the last one.  Rules that promised the next one is gonna be different.

Fuck you and your rules.  Please. 

“Good weed, white wine.  I come alive in the night time.  Ok away we go.  Only thing we have on is the radio.” 

And there it is.   Breaking through your body and those walls around your heart…


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