Man Up and Shut Up.


Weeding out my Twitter timeline seemed to be a daunting task.  I set rules for myself and the people I follow.  The people who got cut had strict criteria:

1) If they haven’t tweeted in the last 3 months.
2) If they tweet about nothing else but themselves.  “i.e. I stay pullin’ bitches. I’m the prince!”  (stfu, you’re about 4’10” and single.  go fucking figure.)
3) If every tweet is a complaint.

That last one was major major.  Everyone complains, I know this.  Everyone has something to say about the girl on the bus, the guy in line at Starbucks, and that Asian driver in front of them.  But its common Physics.  The Law of Attraction.  When everything out of your mouth is negative, you start attracting negative things.   Not to mention its just plain annoying.

“Urgh, I hate drivin in the rain!”  “Urgh, I have 45 more minutes left.  Hurry up!”  “Urgh this” and “Urgh that” and “FML this” and “FML that”   YES BITCH, FUCK YOUR LIFE.

Have you ever listened to someone complain.  I mean, sat there and listened to everything they had to say about everything, for about 40 minutes.  Did you survive?  Didn’t you want to stab yourself in the eye with your pen, JUST to NOT be listening to them?  Didn’t you have the urge to slit her throat with a paper clip?  

Just the other week, I wanted to grab a girl by the hair because she was at the gym complaining about her workout.   I repeat, she was at the GYM complaining about her WORKOUT.  What the fuck did she expect?  To be at the gym and go shopping?  And you know what the worst part is? That girl was me.   Yes, I said ME.   By the end of my workout, after bitching and moaning about burpees, free weights, leg presses and crunches I wanted to kick my own godamn ass.   Not only did I subject myself to the most annoying complaining EVER,  the people around me had to bear with it, too.  (Bless their souls)

Yesterday, I left my vagina at home and brought my balls to the gym.  I made a conscious effort to man up and shut up.  Not only did it make a difference in my workout, but it made a difference in the way I felt about it — and myself — afterwards.   Could this approach work outside of the gym?   Let’s find out. 

Laws of Attraction, right?  I hope I’m never one of those girls you feel compelled to unfollow.


  1. LakiUlo · December 11, 2010

    4’10” single!!? Hahah I know exactly who u talking bout.. DO WORK RACH!!!

  2. · December 11, 2010

    I wish I can press “ReTweet” on this post! lol

  3. gailey · December 11, 2010

    OMG. i know exactly how you feel!!!! there’s this one girl, who is also my friend, who complains about EVERYTHING. hid her statuses on FB and really considering to unfollow her on twitter. =/ eeeer

    imma repost this on my twitter & FB. haha

    ps. your workouts are workinggg you skinny betch!

  4. trinamonica · December 13, 2010

    that’s so crazy… i watched a little bit of “the secret” film (not sure if you heard of it) and after reading this post, everything makes sense! Laws of Attraction…. thinking negative, will only bring you negativity! btw, i love your blog =)

  5. Ahh_Ree_Ell · December 14, 2010

    “im the prince” u got me fuckin ROLLLLLING at work right now… hahahahahaha

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