All that sparkles is glitter and gay.

“Oh my god, you’re so stuuupid.   No, you’re SO stuuupppiiiddd!   *giggle*”

 Excuse me, your gay is leaking. 

You just called him stupid about 5 times in the last 3 minutes.   And was that… a little girl giggle?  I told you not to get used to him.  I told you not to let yourself expect calls or sexts or even lunches.   And yet here you sit, doodling his name on your notepad.  Checking his FB status, and his Twitter feed.  Are you… are you STARING at the picture of the two of you?

Ok. So you miss him.  And ok… he just texted you that he “luhhhuuu”.  But is it completely necessary to throw up butterflies when you open your mouth?  Matter fact, I think I can SEE your heart playing jumprope in your chest.  Please tell the violins to stop playing and the unicorns to stop dancing.  It’s making me nauseated. 

I know you just BART’ed your ass to the boonies for him.  I know you guys are so “in-like” and come to think of it, I’ve never heard you ever say you were “just so happy” till the other day.   I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU. 

It’s just… your gay is leaking all over my desk, and it’s almost tickling me pink.  I’m just getting used to this cold black heart but I ‘spose there is hope because it just smiled for you.

Long live the Gay.

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