Love Hangover.

We’ve all had those nights.

Those nights that were spent hugging the toilet and holding our hair back.   Revisiting that sushi we had for dinner, and that 7th shot of Jaeger that we should have declined.  Those nights where we almost lose our shoes because we swear they are the only reason why we can’t walk straight.  Those nights that are only recalled by pictures and our friend’s stories because we don’t remember shit.

We were singing on top of a table?  We were arm wrestling a buff guy?  We were playing with a shake weight like we were gettin’ paid?  We were ON.  And it was all shits and giggles and laughs and a jolly good time….. until the next morning.

Because in the morning, everything hurts — our head, our stomach, our throat, our life, our aura.  In the morning, we can’t keep anything down and our life depends on a bottle of Vita Coco in the darkness.  In the morning, we vow never to drink again.

Until we do.

Sound familiar?   Yeah we’ve all done it.   Mostly we do it with alcohol.  Sometimes with weed or gambling.  Shit, pick a vice there are plenty to go around.  Sometimes we even do it with love.

Because we’ve all had those relationships.

Those guys who’ve had us smiling to yourself on the train and taking days off of work to do absolutely nothing.  Those guys who’ve made us feel like we deserve the world and their effort to give it to us.   Those guys who have us fiending for his kisses and marauding for his time.   The same guys who give us a love high, leavin’ us feeling care free and on cloud nine.   And it was all shits and giggles and laughs and a jolly good time….. until the next fight.

Because then we find ourselves hugging the pillows because our eyes won’t turn off.  Regurgitating and analyzing every lie he’s ever told us and every secret he’s ever kept.   Those guys who’ve cut us so deep we vow to never fall in love again.

Until we do.

Unfortunately there isn’t enough Vita Coco, Gatorade or Pho to cure a love hangover.  Our hearts will hurt for much longer than our heads do, and we’ll definitely have another drink faster than we’ll fall in love again.

But take some comfort in knowing that we will have another drink.  And we will fall in love again.   It’s a vicious cycle, I know, but it’s a damn good time isn’t it?


  1. sue · December 28, 2010

    You do an AMAZING job of putting thoughts into words. We gotta have that conversation one day.

    PS – I ain’t gonna front…I had to google the meaning of “marauding.” Right on…=)

    • Raaachem · December 28, 2010

      thank you sue! and yes, we must. lets make it happen babe!

  2. Justine · December 28, 2010

    Please write a book. It’ll do the greater half of womankind a great favor.

    • Raaachem · December 28, 2010

      workin’ on it. ok i lie, its been put on the back burner, but it’s one of my greatest aspirations to do one. thank you =)

    • Hana · January 4, 2011

      I agree, you and Abi have helped me during my hardest time the past few months, no joke.

  3. Rio · December 28, 2010

    ha, you know you’re a damn good model for the younger 20 somethings out there right? I don’t know whether to anticipate or be scared for all the things in life and love to come that you so clearly write on.

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