‘Tis the Season

This year has flown by with a serious step and we find ourselves 3 days away from 2011.   Ridiculous.  My 28th birthday and the Holidays are now over, but I hope it was as memorable for you as it was for me.  From FOB Surprise parties (thank you Hayati and Q!) to engagements to snow trips to ugly Christmas Sweaters to bottles of Rose’ and creepy Santas,  here’s what December looked like.

((in no particular order))

Happy Holidays, Everyone! 


  1. doowaditty · December 27, 2010

    1) couldn’t have done it without q!
    2) i’m MAD u let urself post that pic with THOSE nails!
    3) congrats michelle!
    4) who is that adorable lil girl with ur adorable lil son?
    5) good God those are ugly sweaters. I’M IN LOVE WITH THEM.

    • Raaachem · December 28, 2010

      1) yes you two are the BEST EVER IN LIFE
      2) stfu i refuse to do them till wednesday or thursday
      3) about damn time
      4) that would be joe’s neice kaila. remember the lil girl who showin’ me how to whip my hair in that one vid? thats her. lol.
      5) thank you, thank you. you may borrow any time you like

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