Let me give you a piece of my mind.
Because I won’t let you steal a piece of my..
Peace, sanity or happiness.  
Because if I allow you a piece of mine
It fucks with my peace of mind
And I’m off balance. 

But I keep tryna get mine right.
In my attempt to get my mind right
I do mine….

And maybe if I write my life right,
It’ll play out and right my life, right?  
Or maybe these motions are just a life rite
of passage.

Until I figure out what’s the right thing.
I’ll just keep doin’ the write thing
To share me and mine
and a piece of my mind
for not just you
but my own peace of mind. 



  1. gailey · January 12, 2011

    i LOVE this mare. LOVE.

  2. RENegade · January 12, 2011

    God I Love this. Pure Brilliance ❤

  3. Sheryl · January 13, 2011

    So effin BRILLIANT!!!! ❤ it!

  4. sue · January 13, 2011


  5. melis · January 19, 2011

    very creative wordplay. keep doin you. bc shit like this inspires me to keep doin me. love.

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