Moving in.

You know, she used to wake up and wonder about the day’s happenings.  What she was gonna wear, how she was gonna survive, and what she was gonna do.  Now, she wakes up and wonders what you’re doing.  She used to text me all the stupid shit that happens to her, like walking into a glass door or trippin’ in front of a cute guy.   And she still does, but now I see your number on that text too.  Instead of having happy hour with me, she’s watching a movie with you.

She used to put on the most hideous pajamas to bed.  Why?  because they were warm and comfy and made her feel like a kid.  Now, she wears panties and puts on your T-Shirt.  Why?  Because it’s comfy and it smells like you.  

Little things remind her of you.   Small things like a song on the radio (which is now your ringtone btw), or a little jar of glitter, and even an item on the menu somehow correlate to a moment you shared, a statement you said, or a memory of you. 

And although you never packed your bags or signed a lease, you somehow moved into all the empty space she used to carry around.   Every crevice of her brain, nook in her life and cranny in her heart…  You’re there.

And I could not be any happier for the two of you. 

But before you kick your feet up and fill out a change of address form.  Before you take over your side of the bed or the remote control.  And before your text log on her phone outnumbers mine, I only have one word of advice:  Never get comfortable and NEVER STOP TRYING.  

Because even though you’ve taken over her empty space and even though you take away her lonely, in her castle she is Queen.  And she is never afraid to be alone.


  1. doowaditty · January 14, 2011


  2. Yesi Jukebox · January 14, 2011

    Such a sweet post 🙂 and to the point.

  3. sweet tea · January 30, 2011

    i really really like this

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