An open letter…

((This letter is for her. And you, even him, but especially YOU. Men don’t understand that it’s always a competition.))

To All The Girls He’s Loved Before,

I see you.

I see you texting him when he’s sitting next to me.   I see the way you make his face change when he sees your name.  Sometimes he gets angry, sometimes he gets annoyed, and sometimes he laughs at your stupidity.  But I see you.  And I know you had something but I’m here to let you know that you don’t HAVE anything.

As much as you think you got it?  You lost it.  He’s told you that himself. 

And regardless of how long its been since he’s been with you, I see you.  I see you when he’s telling me a story, or when he’s used to things being done a certain way.   I see you on his caller ID and in old pictures.  I see you especially in his kids, who are quite handsome, might I say. 

I see you there too, in his view of the world.  I see you in his distrust for everyone,  in his dislike for the fake, and in his disdain at the materialistic.   There you are again, in his love for simplicity and that song.  I see you.  

And although we’ve never met, I just wanted to say thank you.  Because the way he loved you, made him love me better.   And I don’t even have to say anything because the way you loved him, shows him just how different I am.  

 I don’t care if you’re the Ex or think you’re the Next.  I see you, and I know you see me too.  But see him? 

He’s still looking at me.   

“It’s like I’m in a race, but I’ve already won first place.”   That’s real. 


  1. jeyel · January 19, 2011

    nothing really to say, but just had to leave a comment because this post is on point

  2. Gem · January 20, 2011

    I see you… I love you!

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  5. kboxyoface · January 23, 2011


  6. $andra · February 4, 2011

    AMEN to that!
    its not funny how i relate to this, except the kid part.
    its like you took my thoughts & put em in words!
    you are GOOD!

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