I’m walkin’ on sunshine.

I had a great weekend, full of sunshine, snowboarding and even a mild concussion.  Lake Tahoe is where amazing happens, and I’m starting to feel….. better.  Baby steps!

And to the girl who jumped out at me at Bi-Rite Creamery yesterday to tell me she loves my blog.. THANK YOU.  But, I apologize for my awkward, you kinda just freaked me the fuck out. Lol.  I was too focused on my ice cream to see you coming…. I hope you had as an amazing Monday as I did, becuase you totally made my day.  =)

Back on my grind soon as my mojo stops hiding!

One comment

  1. ashley · January 20, 2011

    hey girl, sorry for jumping out at you hahaha i had one too many mimosas that day. but i do love your blog/writing style, keep it up!

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