Solid as a Rock.

Ouch.  Do you see that Twitter update?  Yeah that was for you.   Written by someone you know, for the entire world to see.   I hate to break it to you but, that just happened. 

I know, I know.   You want to retaliate.  I know you want to say somethin’ witty and indirect to fire back.  Fuck all this passive-agressive-can’t-say-shit-to-my-face-but-say-it-on-Twitter-and-Facebook bullshit.  You’re better than that.  You’re better than THEM.  You don’t act like you’re 7 years old, you don’t pick fights for no reason, you don’t want the unecessary drama.  

Sticks and stones, girl.  Sticks and stones.  You miiiight text back, because you really don’t play that bullshit.   But you definitely will do it with class and tact because despite her bitterness, you remain solid as a rock.   And even though he feels that way, your actions beg to differ.  Or you could just not say anything and keep doin’ you.   Actually, that sounds like the best idea I’ve heard yet. 

Kill ’em with kindness and stay keepin’ your composure.  

Remember:  Baby, you’re a firework.  You don’t need no water, let that muthafucka burrrnnn.


  1. RENegade · February 17, 2011

    AMEN! Silence is Golden. Short. Sweet. Straight to the Point.

  2. me · February 17, 2011

    Love it.
    Keep rockin it, Raaachem. I swear, you take the thoughts in my head and word em’ perfectly all the friggin time. Don’t ever stop doin’ what you do best!

    PS- Love your town. Was in SF last month, itchin to come back soon.

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