Birthday girl.

So, its your birthday.   And your getting 354687321 Facebook wall posts, and Twitter replies, and texts, and emails and all that jazz because no one has any excuses to forget your birthday nowadays.   Your phone is ringing off the hook and its everyone from your friends, your cousins, old classmates and coworkers. 

And then, you get that one birthday greet you didn’t really see coming — The Ex.    My question is, would you rather have them call you, text you, FB you, or not greet you at all?

I guess this is a loaded question, seeing as though every person, relationship and demise of said relationship is different.   And I also suppose it’s safe to say that at our age, it really shouldn’t matter because wanting someone to have a happy birthday is just the grown up thing to do, regardless of the circumstances of the previously stated relationship.   And if you’re the kind of crazy person who’s hatred just runs so deep in your veins that you wish nothing but evil upon another?   Forget the greet and email me your name so I can keep you in my prayers.  

Birthdays are special.  It’s only once a year that you get to celebrate your entrance into the world.   It’s the anniversary of your birth and frankly, HOW AWESOME ARE YOU?!   Exactly!  So I guess my question is, how involved does the greet need to be?   And does it matter as long as its sincere?  Will the act and effort of the greet itself even be appreciated?   I guess thats just the chance you gotta take, isn’t it.  

I called Him earlier to wish him a happy birthday.   Caught up for a little bit, chatted with him, hung up the phone and we both went about our days.  Was it weird?  No.  But it IS weird to think that this is the first of his birthdays in a very long time that I’m not a part of.   And even though I won’t be celebrating with him this year, I called because I still want him to have a happy life and most especially a happy birthday.



  1. The Maykazine · February 23, 2011

    Sorry I’ve been MIA. ::hug::

  2. sue · February 24, 2011

    A few words popped in my mind after reading this post…



    I love when people follow their heart regardless of the circumstance and make “wrong”…”right”.

  3. melanie · March 15, 2011

    ohhh girl me and you are on the same wave length. i was sooo thinking about this around my bday.

    i even have a blog started but not finished about it.

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