stuck on stupid.

Remember that guy you used to think was so hot in high school? Well, I saw his FB the other day and now he’s like… ugly. And remember that girl that all the guys used to jock cuz she was so pretty AND smart? And you were so excited (and a jealous asshole) cuz she was ur girl? Yeah she’s like…doing nothing with her life now.

But you still remember him. Because this one time, on this one date, she slipped and accidentally called you her soulmate. You didn’t respond at the time, but you held onto the memory because you secretly wanted it to be true. Even after you broke up and dated other people you’d check his Friendster – Myspace – Facebook and see what he’s up to because well…. you’re soulmates.

You finally got it through your thick skull though that she wasn’t your soulmate. Matter fact, he wasn’t The One. He wasn’t even the one that got away. He was just the one that got in the way.

Of your happiness. Of your future. Of your goals and aspirations. But you were in love. Stupid in love. Texting every 15 minutes, Googling his name, wondering if he likes you as much as you like him. You were too busy making plans to go on dates that you forgot to balance your checkbook. Or set up that interview. Or do, you know, normal people shit.

And instead of worrying about your credit score or your 5-year plan, you were stressin’ off gettin to 3rd base and dinner plans. And that’s all fun and fine, but don’t let being in love hinder the rest of ur life. Don’t let love get you stuck on stupid.

They did. And look at them now.


  1. bachelorettefiles · March 1, 2011

    yee girl

  2. Sarah · March 1, 2011

    I absolutely love this post. It made me realize a lot.. I recently got out of a relationship like that, where I was so into the guy that I completely forgot about everything else in my life. My grades started to slip, I hung out with my girls less, and I just turned into a completely different person. I was so preoccupied with our relationship, I didn’t realize that everything around me was falling apart. It’s been two months since I ended it. I admit I miss him a lot. But i’m glad that we’re not together anymore. Now I can concentrate on my shit. I’ve got 2 jobs and i’m a full time college student. I don’t have time for a boyfriend. And he needs to concentrate on his shit as well. It could be a right person, wrong time kind of deal? Who knows? But yeah, thanks for the post. Love your blog 🙂

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