La Vida Loca.

Hi.  I’m a crazy bitch.  Emphasis on the bitch. 

Wether its that time of the month or not, we all have our crazy moments.  You know, those moments where our imagination gets a hold of us and all of a sudden we think that one of our girls is mad at us because didn’t come running with us at 5am.   Those moments when not texting someone back automatically means they’re fucking someone else RIGHTNOW.  Those moments when hearing someone call you a bitch is a compliment, and then hear that same person call you crazy 0.5 seconds later and its World War III.

You’re laughing.  As if this is funny.  As if checking your phone evey 17 seconds to see if he’s texted you back is normal.  As if holding onto the last ugly pair of  size 6’s with a kung fu death grip is acceptable.  As if showing up at the same club as your ex and his new girl on “accident” was really an accident.  As if you don’t ever daydream about killing your supervisor on work time.  As if you don’t fuckin’ do that shit too. 

Bitch, please!   You’re a crazy bitch, too.  Emphasis on the crazy.

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