like a bat outta HELLZ

Lawn  – YOU BE KILLIN’ EM!!!!!   Hellz has done a collab with Mata Hari for the only bag I’ve wanted to actually purchase in the last 2 years.  Real talk, I haven’t bought a bag since 2009!!   GET YOURS!  I just did.  =) 

This Spring, women’s apparel label HELLZ introduces the brands expansion by collaborating with luxury handbag line, Mata hari. The collaboration features a collection of three handbags made of high quality leather in bold sleek bodies. Within the collection is the bucket bag featuring stainless steel cone studs along the bottom, the quilted clutch-wallet with a studded detachable glove, and the bondage inspired satchel.

Founding HELLZ designer, Lanie Barcena uses her admiration for vintage haute couture  as her main source of design inspiration for each bag. Her goal for the collaboration was to create timeless tailored handbags with an edge that every woman could appreciate.

This May, the collaboration is set to release through select HELLZ retailers, but for three days only, HELLZ will take pre-orders of each handbag at a limited discounted price. Pre-sale will begin March 8th, until Friday March 11th through brands online boutique.

Shop now to get your HELLZ X Mata hari bag first!

Are you a babe on a budget right now? If you don’t have the cash now, but would like to put in a pre-order within the next month, be sure to email to hold a handbag to purchase later!







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